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ATLAS 1204 R ripper

ATLAS 1204 R ripper

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Product Name: ATLAS 1204 R ripper
Availability: In Stock
Brand: ATLAS
Series: bucket teeth
Model: 1204 R
Supplier: A&S Machinery Co., Ltd.
Average Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars!
Browse Times: 1923

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1204 R Ripper Tooth

    1204 R ripper teeth are specially used for rippers to dig or 

break hard materials like rocks and land wastes. An essential piece of kit for rippers, the 

ripper teeth makes light work of hard or rocky ground. Ripping ground prior to digging will 

greatly reduce wear and stress on the machine, and speed up cycle times. All our ripper 

shanks are made from high-wear, high yield-strength Hardox steel.

1204 R Ripper Teeth

1204 R ripper Tooth Points

For tearing through tough Root and soil or rock conditions

1204 R ripper Tooth Shanks

Custom service available

Heavy Duty Ripper tooth
Specially designed for rippers with superior penetration and wear life

A&S Ripper Tooth Features:

Specialized for rippers
Superior penetration force
Easy to choose
More wear metal

Full system stabilization

Reduced fuel consumption

Fit for all popular ripper machines

Increased productivity with less cost

   Any interest in the ripper tooth offered for your 1204 R,please 

contact us for more details.