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About excavator bucket

A&S Excavator Bucket Range

From micro, mini to mass excavator buckets,either a backhoe bucket or a face shovel

bucket,whatever the job, whatever the excavator, A&S can do you a favor. Capacity varies

from 2m3 to 45m3.

Digging and Trenching Buckets

n Toothed buckets for general digging, trench cutting and loading duties.

n A variety of tooth types and other G.E.T are available.

Ditching and Grading Buckets

n Reduced weight with high quality, abrasion resistant material

n Deep profile ideal for levelling and loading applications.

Rock and Heavy Duty Buckets

n Cutting edge using 500BHN and GET options for increased strength reinforcements in

crucial areas for maximum durability

n Bottom wear straps using 400BHN to increase wear resistance

n Extra high side plate give higher strength and wear resistance in high wear areas

Quality of A&S Excavator Buckets

Features such as machined, welded pin bosses which are standard across the range

-even on mini excavator buckets - high wear packages and high quality Hardox plates

on XHD buckets offer real, long term durability and value for money.

Optional Excavator Bucket Wear Packages

n Range of ground engaging tools to provide maximum productivity and longevity.

n Bucket pins, bushes and seals available

n V-edge(delta) bucket lip/cutting edge available (Rock duty)

n Wear blocks,bars,bottons for extra wear resistance and durability (Rock duty)

Selection of A&S Excavator Buckets

We are here to help our customers match the best buckets or attachment for the

application.Tell our sales staff what sort of work the excavator will do, and either through

their own knowledge,or by consulting with our engineers, they will be able to recommend

accordingly to help you find the perfect excavator bucket.

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